About Connect

What is Neotys Connect?

Neotys Connect is a portal for sharing tutorials, projects, and other useful NeoLoad resources. Many of these resources come from customers, contractors, and Neotys employees who are passionate about performance engineering and testing and want to contribute knowledge and experience related to components of the NeoLoad Platform.

How is Neotys Connect Different than the Documentation?

Neotys documentation sites are a staple of product feature and functionality information. There are also some tutorials there, however to encourage contributions from everyone and timely turnaround to sharing those resources, we look to a community-driven model for driving Neotys Connect content. This website itself is a public Git repository hosted by Github Pages, so if there’s anything to add or tweak, anyone in the world should feel free to fork it, make the change, and then create a pull request (PR) for the Connect Core Team to approve in a matter of days.

How is Neotys Connect Different than Neotys Labs?

Similar to Neotys Connect, Neotys Labs is a Github Organization with repos for various integrations and project work. However, the work in Neotys Labs is driven by Neotys product and development teams internally. While you can also fork, change, and PR those repos too, it might take a while for your contribution to be published because our R&D team has a high degree of quality that work in the Labs must go through.

In contrast to Labs, Neotys Connect repos are community-driven work and not not supported by Neotys so the level of quality and scrutiny is up to the contributors of that project to maintain. The Connect Core Team is responsible for creating the repo and assigning maintainers to individual repos so that there is some level of control over who can do what, but it’s more relaxed than Neotys Labs.

What is the ‘Connect Core Team’ and Who is on it?

The Connect Core Team is a trusted set of maintainers and moderators that includes Neotys engineers, a few expert partners, and in a few cases Neotys customers. Those who have chosen to make their membership to this group public can be seen on the organization’s people list.

Separate from the administrators of the Neotys-Connect organization, the Connect Core Team is responsible for reviewing and approving community contributions per our Contributor Guidelines and moderating community activity to comply with our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.

Are there Guidelines for Contributing?

Yes! There are general Contributor Guidelines, a Code of Conduct, and a Terms of Service that you should familiarize yourself with.

There are also tutorials for how to get started, depending on your project type.

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

This site is constantly evolving based on community contributions, but does not contain 100% of all product documentation or external resources. If you find useful information that you think should be represented on in this portal, please contact the Connect Core Team about it.