Publishing a Project

Once you feel like you’ve gotten to a meaningful milestone in your project, firstly, congratulations! It’s now time to think about how to let other people know about and benefit from your amazing work!

Publishing Your Contribution

The Neotys-Connect organization on Github is the main place for community members to host and maintain their contributions. Each project may have it’s own repo or may factor in to an existing repo depending on the type of project.

Transferring Your Github Repo

  • make sure there is no corporate or proprietary data in your repo
  • on Github, go to your repo’s settings and use the ‘Transfer Ownership’ feature (to ‘Neotys-Connect’)
  • the Connect Core Team will receive a request to receive it and will review your repo
  • once transferred, you will be made a Maintainer of your project repo
  • if you would like to revoke your repo at any time, contact the Connect Core Team

Limited Liability

Neotys and its affiliates are not responsible for changes made by the community to individual repositories. If our terms of service or code of conduct have been violated, Neotys and this community reserve the right to remove the offending contribution.

Likewise, content on this site and in the Neotys-Connect repo explicitly calls out when something is not supported by Neotys AND that individual contributors are not responsible for the consequences of using community contributions. See our LICENSE for reference, and if you have a project type requiring its own repo, you should consider adding an appropriate license to it as well.

Intellectual Property and Ownership

If someone paid you to produce intellectual property and you do not have their permission to publish it, ask them. If your company already has external or open source contribution policy and process, just make sure that you’re following them.

If you the work you did was under the express directive of an employer or client, or if it was ‘on the clock’ time that you used to produce something, just check with them first to see if it’s okay to publish it. Most of the time, it is, since they won’t be profiting from others using it too, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

If you would like to discuss any of this with the Connect Core Team first, just reach out.


Neotys will never take credit for work you do. We want you and your work to shine and for your contributions to positively impact many people.

Because these repos are in Git, the account you use for Git will be on all commits. If you want to remain anonymous on Github, use an account that doesn’t contain any personally identifiable information (PII) and manage your profile settings accordingly.

If you do want special attribution, such as your full name and website or social link, we suggest writing and publishing a tutorial for how to use your contribution.